Sean Light PRT, RSCC, LMT is the former strength & conditioning coach for the Los Angeles Lakers.  He is currently the Founder and Director of Performance Education at 4A Health & Performance Sciences in New York City. Light has built his philosophy on the back of the Postural Restoration Institute in Lincoln, Nebraska. An avid neuroscience reader, Sean is developing educational content for health and performance specialists rooted in the fundamental components of human function. 

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The brain is a complex structure but it doesn't have to be. The Neocortex is the most critical part of the brain for anyone to understand. It is the foundation for a cascade of effects that fall in line under the guidance of the Neocortex. Understanding it's function opens the door to the highest level of fitness training. Peel back the layers and learn what you NEED to know about the brain and how it works.

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With seven years of experience at the highest levels of professional sports, Sean has compiled everything he has learned about elite human performance and packed it into this course. From the Arizona Diamondbacks to the Los Angeles Lakers, all of the included information has been tested on the world's best athletes. Go behind the curtains and see what happens when the cameras are off and the athlete's need to prepare their bodies to perform.

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Neural Structure

The brain has some unique features that are critical to understand. Disrupting this structure has a global impact.

Cellular Memory

This is not your high school biology class. Homeostasis doesn't hold up in our complex world. Enter Allostasis.

Sensory Input

Your senses are constantly collecting information from your environment and your brain has to react. The problem is, it doesn't always react the way we need it to.

Advanced Anatomy

Is it possible for a knot in your calf muscle to affect your brain's function? It can and it will.


Why your late night ice cream binge is crushing your mobility. Eating a Snickers bar is just as bad for your squat pattern.

CEU Approved

Continuing Education Credits awarded for all NATA/BOC, NASM and AFAA certified professionals.

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