NYC High Performance Seminar (Pat Davidson & Sean Light)


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Dr. Pat Davidson & Sean Light

Dr. Pat Davidson:  This is a talk about creating program design from an objective biomechanics perspective. Exercises are tools that can develop kinematic and kinetic specific fitness capabilities. Kinematics refers to what an exercise looks like and kinetics refers to how much force and velocity was applied to a movement. Each realm of kinematics and kinetics is specific to itself with virtually no carryover to other realms. Based on this, fitness professionals need to be able to identify the key biomechanics realms, identify exercises that make sense for developing biomechanics specific fitness, and understand what justifies technical biomechanical competency.

Sean Light: In this half of the weekend, Sean will present his Real Recovery Workshop. The workshop covers the fundamentals of brain structure and function and dives into the things that change the performance of the brain. Diving into things such as vision, hearing, anatomy and nutrition, the Real Recovery Workshop will demonstrate why people have great performance days and shed some light on how to have great days more often.

April 28-29, 2018

WeWork 175 Varick (Previously WeWork SoHo West)
69 Charlton Street
New York, NY


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