Real Recovery

This is a course designed for health and fitness professionals at all levels looking to get the most out of the recovery period. Health and fitness professionals are well aware of the benefits of the recovery process but in this course we dive down to see exactly how the body can maximize this period. In doing so, we will define stress to a depth that you haven’t heard before and illustrate the way humans deal with it. Most importantly we will give practical, real-world applications for all of our concepts.


Course Objectives:

  • Identify basics of the body’s reaction to stress
  • Discuss the brain’s use of memory
  • Overview how cells function as a result of memory and prediction
  • Explain the basics of the visual system and how it ties into memory and stress
  • Outline the hearing system and its role in rehab, stress and recovery
  • Show anatomical connections that range the entire body
  • Detail nutritions role in function, structure and stress
  • Demonstrate creative ways to incorporate these concepts into your everyday, real-world environment


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