About a month and a half ago I gave a presentation to a group of high school athletes and their parents. The topic of the conversation was basically what you should know if you’re looking to start a strength & conditioning program.

The underlying theme of everything I talk about now is the brain. I spoke about vision, hearing, anatomy, energy systems and safe exercises to do. I talked about natural talent, what it’s like in an NBA weight room and working smarter not harder.

What I really wanted to highlight was that doing the wrong stuff can royally screw up your body. I wanted to show that performing difficult tasks wasn’t necessarily helpful and I wanted to demonstrate that you NEED to be working super hard on recovery if you want to be the best.

“Weightlifting is an extremely complex topic. Way more than you think. Your high school baseball coach has no business telling you how to lift weights. As a matter of fact, most strength & conditioning coaches and personal trainers have no business telling you how to lift weights,” I said.

During the Q&A portion of the presentation, one of the dad’s in the back asked a GREAT freaking question…

“Three times a week my son and the rest of his team go into the high school weight room and are put through a workout program lead by the high school baseball coach. They do all the stuff you said they shouldn’t do. How do I go about dealing with that?”

 I was surprised by the question and knew I had to be direct with my answer.

I told him that he can try a lot of recovery strategies. Improve nutrition. Concentrate on sleep quality. Do things that can improve recovery. But my real advice was simple…

Wear it and pray!

 You don’t have a choice. It’s not good. I understand your circumstance but the brain doesn’t care. It’s not going to be good. Pray that your son has a knack for your recovery because that coach holds a lot of power over your son’s baseball career. You can’t screw with that but that doesn’t change the fact that he’s probably going to develop bad patterns and increase the amount of bad stress flooding into his system.

The brain just doesn’t care about your circumstances. It’s cut and dry. Black and white. Good luck.

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