Tom Brady is a legend. If I were hired by the New England Patriots to be their Strength Coach, I wouldn’t even look at him nonetheless give him any type of instruction. Call it what you want but that’s what I’m doing.  It wouldn’t matter if he was doing his TB12 system, 7 hours of power cleans or meditating on hot coals while completely nude. I would high-five his Hall of Fame hand and tell him what a great job he did every single time.

We read a lot about movement and function in a book but there is no book on winning five super bowls and four Super Bowl MVPs. Anyone who thinks the TB12 book is garbage, I’d like to cordially invite you down off of your high horse and into the real world.

That thing is the blueprint for turning Tom Brady into “Football Jesus.” That is not, however, the blueprint for turning anyone else into “Football Jesus.” Just Tom Brady.

Aside from the several valid points made throughout the book, it makes him feel like a savage. Pair that with his uber talent, his elite mental toughness, his unmatched competitive spirit and his supreme genetics and you get TB12.

If I pair the TB12 method with your medium talent, your desire to binge-watch Netflix, your smooth move of letting your girlfriend beat you at checkers and your inability to give a book report in front of your class without shaking with nerves and you’re going to get a pretty lousy football player.

The TB12 method is a beautiful piece of art that helped create arguably the greatest football player of all time.

But to you, it’s useless.

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