By, Sean Light PRT RSCC LMT


I’m at Columbia University. The Ivy League. I can practically taste the prestige. The students however, are tasting something else. The sweet, beautiful, rich and delicious taste of pure death.

Almost everyone in here is eating something that is bathed in vegetable oil that will slowly murder their Ivy League minds.

It’s minds like these that created this mess. We have become so intelligent as a species. So capable of avoiding mother earth’s natural death traps, that we have and continue to populate this earth at an impressive rate.

The problem is that we don’t have enough resources available to support this population. This has driven man to develop ways to produce food quickly and cheaply to mass-distribute it worldwide.

One of the ways we have done this is by creating vegetable oil as a product to aid this process.

While extremely successful in helping to mass-produce and distribute cost effective goods, it has also been successful in helping to alter the genetic profile and health of our species.

Vegetable oil attacks the brain and inhibits life.

Take Twinkies for example. If we were somehow able to produce an all-natural Twinkie, one major change would be that the Twinkie would go bad after a few days. Much like all the other all-natural products. The reason that the current state of Twinkies doesn’t go bad is because we have found a way to inhibit that process (that process of life) so that it can last forever!

There are A LOT of ways vegetable oil kills our brain but I’m just going to show you some important ones here.

The first thing it will do is produce gut inflammation. Inflammation is kind of a buzz word in the nutrition world these days but what actually happens here?

Heartburn is what happens here. From there, we have a cascading effect of pure badness.

It will make the job of the White Blood Cells in the gut, tasked with sorting molecules between good, bad and unnecessary extremely difficult.

Vegetable Oil will disarm the brain’s defense, specifically antioxidants. Oxidation in the brain is death. This is why we have all heard antioxidants mentioned as super important components to a healthy diet.

The brain uses 20% of all the calories you burn every minute. If there aren’t enough antioxidants to go around, you will literally start the process of a slow death.

One of the most advanced tasks of the brain is to increase blood flow on demand to regions that are in use. Simply opening your eyes will produce a 20% increase in blood flow to the visual center of your brain. Tapping your finger will produce a 60% spike in your motor cortex. Now imagine if you are playing a sport. Think about the blood flow you need to produce for such a complex task. If you are eating food with vegetable oil, there may not be enough fuel to support these functions.

Taking that a step further, something that I have been standing on a stage and preaching for about a year now is that the brain and the body operate on memory. I’m pretty sure that the complexities and intelligence of humans revolves around literal memory. Because of that, the brain will predict what it will NEED blood for and withhold blood to make sure it can meet that demand. This is going to make your blood supply even more scarce.

Without blood, your brain has nothing and if your brain has nothing, you are nothing. Suck on that.

There are so many more reasons to not eat this garbage but hopefully that’s enough for you to start checking labels and avoiding it like the plague.

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  1. Great article! thanks for putting this content out to the world, I had no idea!

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