Obliques are the kings of the core. There are a lot of other muscles that contribute to the core but none are quite as important as the obliques. Specifically the Internal Obliques and Transversus Abdominis. 

Core, in my opinion and simply put, is the anchor between your hips and ribs and there is no greater anchor than your obliques.

These two muscles, the Internal Obliques and Transversus Abdominis, have more real estate on the ribs and the hips than any other muscle, THUS they have the most power to reposition and HOLD the position.

Why is this anchor important? Here’s a few reasons….

1️⃣ Give you the ability for proper breathing mechanics. You take 20,000 breaths a day. If that’s not right, nothing else will be.

2️⃣ Puts your other muscles in a much greater position for maximal performance. If muscle position is off, so is their ability to fire.

3️⃣ Takes pressure off of your Low Back. Low back pain doesn’t mean you have a weak low back. It probably means you have weak obliques.

4️⃣ Takes pressure off of your HYPE system and allows you to relax when you need to relax.

5️⃣ Your hamstrings will be more “flexible.” Strong obliques repositions your hips and gives more slack for your hamstrings to operate.

So when you’re planning your next core workout, spend more time crushing your obliques than you spend worrying about your six pack

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