Pitching efficiency needs to be addressed when training pitchers. For the sake of this article, I will be focusing on right handed pitchers but for lefties, you guys can just do the opposite of what I’m talking about here. 

Pitchers start by standing tall on their right leg and finishing out over their left landing leg.

From a muscular standpoint, they are going from right stance to left stance.

However, if your hips can’t make the transition from right to left stance, then you will have a serious hiccup in your mechanics putting your body and performance at risk.

One of the primary muscle groups that can help you make this transition is the groin (adductor).

If you look at the picture, the top left picture is the hips in right stance. As is the picture of @pat_light on the top right. This is what Pat’s hips look like in this picture. Tilted to the right as the right groin hold his hips down to the right.

As Pat moves into the picture on the bottom right, his hips should make the transition to what we see on the bottom left. This should be where his left groin takes over for his right and shifts his hips to the left.

In order to accomplish this, his left groin needs to be strong enough to overcome the right groin and the right groin needs to be able to shut off.

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