I can remember during the heat of Spring Training, watching my baseball players condition on the field. Some of them looked like they were working hard while others looked like they were “dogging it.” But when I checked their Heart Rate Monitors, I saw that the the players who looked like they were “dogging it” were actually putting in a lot more effort. Their heart rates were operating at around 180+ beats per minute while the other guys were around a more ideal 160-170. Now this isn’t to say that the lazy players are excused, they obviously did not come to camp in the best shape but what we do need to recognize is the importance for heart rate monitors.
This is the one piece of technology that I have found to be a “can’t train without it” piece of equipment. It tells us what is going on under the surface. It told me that those players, while they looked lazy, were actually going too hard for what we were trying to accomplish. Heart rate monitors eliminate the guesswork. Now of course they do not tell us everything but the information they give us is HUGE.
What I have also found is that the only ones that really work are the chest strap ones. The ones on the wrist seem to start having trouble reading up around 130bpm which is a big problem because for the most part, every training method is going to come from a heart rate higher than this. –

Stop guessing and start training specifically. Check out @Polar , they have the best HR Monitor products on the market. –

I also suggest looking into this book by Joel Jamieson to get a better gauge on what Heart Rate Zones you should be in based on your goals. Ultimate MMA Conditioning

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